Say Hello to Semantic TV !

Have you never asked yourself how old the news presenter could be? Or perhaps in which town your favorite sitcom was filmed? Never wished to get more video clips of the singer currently being interviewed or to get more information about a car in this secret agent film ? If you have ever asked yourself these questions and wanted to get instantly a precise answer then you will love Swoozy!

Easy like 1-2-3


The magical word is the semantic Swoozy Cloud. While you are watching your favorite show Swoozy knows which scenes and elements are currently being displayed. With this information the system knows that for example you are currently watching - let’s say Sherlock Holmes - film. At this moment grabbable terms (semantic terms) - are appearing on the screen at the correct position on the video and can be selected by the spectator.

In our case grabbable terms like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Benedict Cumberbatch or London are appearing during the correct scene. Now you can grab these terms and put them into a drop zone. Instantly results (facts, pictures videos or even shopping items) are appearing and can be directly selected to get extended information.

The Swoozy Cloud + Web 4.0 + Social = Semantic TV

Swoozy also introduces a new concept: cloud based semantic television. The knowledge of which element are displayed and where on the screen is retrieved over the Swoozy cloud. The combination of the Swoozy Cloud combined with the power of well known content provider like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, semantic web services like Dbpedia Freebase and of course your favorite social twitter and Facebook functions will definitely bring your television into a new era.  


The terms you have grabbed are not solely keywords, this would have been too easy ;-) and really not precise enough. In the Swoozy all terms are linked with a concept.

If a scene of a movie was filmed in London, the system identifies the word London as being a city but will also enrich this information with GPS data so that if you are interested and ask yourself where a certain scene was filmed you will be able to get a more precise localization. Just imagine how cool this feature is with adventure or quest films like Lord of the Rings: you would get the precise locations of each film set in New Zealand or with your favorite sitcoms. Ever wondered how high the Burj Khalifa featured in a special agent film is? Grab it drop it and here you get your information!

Grab your favorite actor, car, building or whatever...

We believe in gesture based interactions and motion controllers of all sorts. That's why those are fully compatible with Swoozy. You can use it with the Microsoft Kinect, ASUS XTion Pro, Gyration Mouse or even with a LeapMotion device. Just imagine sitting (ok let’s say laying ;-) ) on your couch and selecting an object and to get more information about it with only one simple gesture. It can't be easier and that's the whole magic of the system. Our SwoozyBox knows which input devices are currently in use and will then use the correct one to interpret the gestures. Of course if you want to browse more while watching your favorite show you can beam the results directly onto your favorite tablet there's an app for that too!

...and learn new stuff

Here are some screenshots of Swoozy and examples of interactions.  


for the film Home during the Dubai


During an interview of soccer star David Beckham, Swoozy returns the latest data and facts about the player.


 Liked a TV show ? Why not sharing your emotions with your friends! One push gesture to share!



Loved Beyonce's live performance? Check her latest CD's and products and get live recommendations.



Even cinema legends are not getting forgotten. Push and discover the actors that made history!



Picture requests during a report about Dubai.



Some pictures of the Swoozy System in action

  • Swoozy presentation @ CeBit 2013
  • Swoozy presentation @ CeBit 2013
  • Swoozy presentation @ CeBit 2013
  • Swoozy & LeapMotion
  • Swoozy & LeapMotion + Second Screen App
  • Swoozy Second Screen App
  • Swoozy Second Screen App
  • Swoozy Second Screen App


Swoozy Trailer - 2014 Version

Swoozy Trailer - Version 1

Swoozy Trailer - Version 2


SR-Aktueller Bericht


Live interactions filmed by Marc Meerbeek at CeBIT 2013 Innovation Award booth

CeBIT Innovation Award 2013

Swoozy won the special prize "Young Innovator" of the CeBIT Innovation Award 2013. More information on the official website of the CeBit Innovation Award.


For broadcasters and content producers

You would like to team up with us and to be part of the next revolution new revolution of television?


The Swoozy platform offers a unique opportunity to add high added value content to your production and video footage. Through the system viewers can easily get more detailed information about a scene. Over an analysis of the video content, the Swoozy Cloud delivers context information about a each scene, featured actors or even products: it’s a unique chance to reach a higher impact on your audience.

For business tv

Business TV is getting more and more popular among enterprises. Using Swoozy will not only enable you to deliver your message over video but will also enable your audience to directly interact with it and provide additional contents as a value added support (images, charts or text documents).


For consumer electronics

And why not integrating the Swoozy system into your own hardware and using the powerful gesture based user interface in combination with the Swoozy Cloud ? That’s great because we are also looking for investors and partners of the consumer electronic industry.


For you!

You had a lot of fun testing Swoozy at CeBit and definitely want to adopt it? Good news: Swoozy offers you the most unique and exclusive platform to display your videos during shows or events. The audience will definitely be happy to interact with Swoozy while discovering your latest products and videos. We are pretty confident that your guests will love it.

You can contact us over the formular and tell us how we can help you to enhance the impact of your brand or product over Swoozy



About Swoozy

Swoozy is the first multimedia system to combine the power of the semantic web and television. The system can be used with a motion controller. While a video is played, new enriched content such as pictures, informations and videos are displayed. These new contents are retrieved over the Web 3.0 or semantic web and over well known web services like YouTube™, DBPedia, Freebase or  Flickr™ and reinterpreted (re-orchestrated) by the Swoozy Cloud.


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